The Instituto International de Literatura Iberoamericana (International Institute of Ibero-American Literature, IILI) is the oldest and most extended academic organization dedicated to the study and promotion of research in Latin American literature at a global level. Located at the University of Pittsburgh, the IILI constitutes the epicenter of a network of scholars of the most varied manifestations of Latin American literature over time, in its most diverse instances of intellectual production, and in its broad community presence.

Its conferences, organized in Europe, Latin America and the United States, promote the exchange and dissemination of knowledge about Latin American and Latinx cultural spaces, and foster relations with academic groups located in different parts of the world.

The Revista Iberoamericana, an organ of the IILI, as well as its numerous editorial series, support university and non-university educational activity, and promote the dissemination of Latin American authors, debates and archives.

The IILI was founded in 1938 to support cultural relations between Latin American countries, as well as between these countries and the United States and Spain. Since then, and during more than eight decades of uninterrupted work, the IILI has dedicated itself to the task of disseminating Latin American literature, culture and literary criticism internationally through its congresses, the renowned Revista Iberoamericana and its editorial series.

Thanks to the support of its members and partners, along with the sponsorship of the University of Pittsburgh, Revista Iberoamericana has been published without interruption since the foundation of the Institute and publishes one volume per year, which is organized in four quarterly issues. In addition to the traditional print edition, it offers a digital version.

On this website, you will find information about the history of the IILI, how to become a member, the editorial policies for submitting articles to the Revista Iberoamericana, how to propose manuscripts for any of our editorial series, announcements about upcoming conferences, and our catalog of available books for sale.  

Board of Directors and Editorial Committee

The current  “Mesa Directiva” (Board of Directors) and the Editorial Committee of Revista Iberoamericana can be found here.

Any member with a minimum of four (4) years of membership in the IILI can be nominated as a candidate for the Board of Directors and the Editorial Committee of RI. The Editorial Committee is comprised of specialists in the different areas and periods of Latin American literature. Its objective is to advise the Director of Publications with regard to the evaluation of essays sent to RI by the members of the IILI.


The IILI welcomes any institution or person interested in Ibero-American literature and culture, regardless of creed, race or nationality.

There are several membership categories:

  • Regular member. All regular members of the Institute can enjoy the benefits inherent to membership, which include a yearly subscription to Revista Iberoamericana, the opportunity to submit articles to the Revista, and other benefits as listed below.  
  • Patron. Those members who contribute an additional fee to help the Institute will also receive the Proceedings of the congresses, in addition to other publications of the Institute, without incurring additional expenses. The list of patrons is published in the last issue of the year of Revista Iberoamericana.
  • Honorary member. Writers and critics, philosophers, scientists, historians, artists or other eminent figures proposed by the members of the IILI Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly. They do not pay an annual fee and receive membership benefits.
  • Student member. You receive the same benefits as a regular member and a reduction in the membership fee, as long as you maintain your student status.
  • Institutions. Universities and schools, libraries, publishers, bookstores, embassies, banks, etc. Student members, retired teachers, retired patrons and residents of Latin America pay a reduced fee.

Benefits for all members:

  • Receive current and special issues from Revista Iberoamericana.
  • Submit articles, reviews or bibliographic notes to be considered for publication in Revista Iberoamericana.
  • Be nominated as candidates for the Board of Directors and for the Editorial Committee of Revista Iberoamericana.
  • Vote in the General Assembly that is called during each of the international congresses.
  • Receive a copy of the Member Directory and IILI’s Bylaws.